Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Problem Formation of the Central Axis, PAN: We endeavor

Discourse coalition formation increasingly tightening central axis .
National Mandate Party ( PAN ) also choose to take part in this idea while looking through the central axis where the seriousness of the discourse processed by all Islamic political parties .

" We endeavor ( business ) course , still a long time . Now we wait for the first results of the manual count Commission , the new measures certainly do , "said Vice Chairman of the PAN Drajat Wibowo in a political discussion in Cikini , Central Jakarta, Saturday ( 19/4 ) .

Recognizes degrees , today is one of its most appropriate time to build a coalition of Islamic parties combined .

Judging from the vote across the Islamic parties that menacpai 32 percent , is not impossible that the central axis can speak much on the government .

And of course , the expected total capital sound can be good to win the presidential election .

However , he confirmed until manual counting is not exposed , according PAN choose to observe the situation first before taking the final step .
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"If the sound is clear we negotiate new , candidate names for example , already live later discussed it again , " he said .


Jumat, 18 April 2014

PBB condemns attack in South Sudan

United Nations ( UN ) condemned the attack on the base Bor , South Sudan . According to reports , the attacks killed approximately 58 people , including children .

" The members of the UN Security Council (UNSC ) has condemned this action and stressed that the attacks against civilians and UN peacekeepers is a war crime , " said one of the representatives of the UN , as reported by the BBC , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) .

Approximately 100 people reportedly injured in the attack and the possibility of loss of life will continue to grow . UN to use force , - if necessary - to protect the people and the army in order to stay alive .
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The members of the UN Security Council called on the Government of South Sudan to take immediate steps to ensure the safety of all civilians and Protection UNMISS in South Sudan . They also asked immediately investigated this incident and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Reportedly , the attack was carried out by a young man on Thursday, April 17th, 2014 in Drill base . UN forces returned fire also responded to the 300 people who forced their way into the base.

The peacekeepers actions praised by top UN official in South Sudan , Toby Lanzer .

" It is the courage of the peacekeepers who managed to repel the attack . Unfortunately we lost their lives were quite large , " he said .

Thousands of people have been killed in South Sudan since the fighting began in December , between supporters of the two camps of President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar former deputy . There are currently more than one million people have fled to neighboring countries


Kamis, 17 April 2014

KPK Thank iPod Souvenirs report of 250 People

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) has received reports of 250 people who received suvernir iPod in child marriage Nurhadi Secretary of the Supreme Court . Those who reported suvernir was largely derived from the judges .

" The reports received iPods there are 250 people , consisting of 235 from the judges , " said Johan Budi via text message on Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

Johan said , 15 other reports came from the Judicial Commission , the Ombudsman , Ministry of Social Affairs , Finance and Development Supervisory Agency , and the Ministry of Immigration . Until now , the Commission is still awaiting reports other gift recipients .

Commission has requested information related souvenir iPod Nurhadi it on Tuesday ( 08/04/2014 ) . Directorate of Gratification Commission has also analyzed giving the iPod . Regarding the results , still studied KPK leaders . If later found behind a potential conflict of interest in awarding the iPod , the Commission will confiscate all the iPods were reported . But if not , the iPod will be returned to the recipient .

In addition to receiving reports from the iPod Nurhadi son's wedding reception , the Commission also received a report submitted gratification associated Nurhadi her wedding reception . Nurhadi reported to the Commission receives a bouquet of flowers associated rersepsi .

Nurhadi into the media spotlight after holding his wedding reception , Rizki Aulia with Rizky Wibowo , Saturday ( 15/03/2014 ) , at the Hotel Mulia , Jakarta , the luxurious impression . In the reception , guests get an iPod Shuffle as a souvenir .

Present state officials and organizers of the reception of the child Nurhadi . 2,500 invitations were distributed to the size of a magazine , a box -shaped , and when opened like a display of photos .

In the invitation , there is a card ( such as an ATM card ) that uses a barcode . This card must be redeemed with souvenirs of the iPod Shuffle 2 GB which cost about USD 699,000 .
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Related to this iPod , Chairman of the Indonesian branch of the Supreme Court Judge Gayus Lumbuun along with a number of other judges have visited the Building Commission . Gaius judge granting an iPod that does not include gratuities are prohibited because the value is under $ 500 thousand . Gaius says that the price of the iPod is ordered directly from the United States is USD 480,000 .


Selasa, 15 April 2014

The bodies of unidentified people gegerkan Caringin

The body of an unidentified man was found under a highway bridge in Kampung Cidahon South West Java , Samudrajaya Village , District Caringin , Garut . The bodies of the alleged victims of homicide .

" This suspicion arises because there are a number of injuries found on his body . This man allegedly died after suffering a violent act , " said police chief Inspector Caringin Basuki Rahmat , when contacted on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Having found the citizens , police officers direct Caringin unidentified bodies were brought to the health center for an autopsy Caringin . Age of victims is estimated to 35 years .

" From the results of the examination while , on the victim's body wound opened obtained for a 4 cm incision on the left temple , contusion on the forehead , and abrasions on the right hand elbow . As for physical characteristics , victim wearing braces upper teeth , " he said .

While other features , the victim was wearing a gray T-shirt , long jeans dark blue , black watches on the left arm , and belts . Another possibility is the victim of a murder victim is the presence of bloodstains on the handle of the bridge and around the location of the discovery of the bodies .

" Having examined and shown to the residents , it turns out there is no one who knows these bodies . Most likely , the victim's body had nothing to do with the discovery of the bodies of women and an unidentified child is located not far from the site , which is in District Cidaun , Cianjur , Garut bordering the coincidence , " he said .

Even so , Basuki reluctant to speculate when these three bodies have family ties . Based on the information received cia , the bodies of women in Cianjur District residents identified as Talegong , Garut .

" Not to get there ( family relationships ) . The man 's body was recently sent to Dr. Slamet Garut Hospital for further processing , " he added .

Meanwhile , one of the village residents Indralayang , District Caringin , Amur Suhendar ( 46 ) said , beginning the body of the unidentified man was discovered by a goat herder .
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" While the goat eating grass , herdsmen intend to take shelter under a bridge . Instead unwind , he instead found the bodies , " he said .


Google Pin Camera on Contact Lenses

CALIFORNIA - A Google patent contains about embedding technology in the camera revealed a pair of contact lenses. These contact lenses are the same as Google Glass smart glasses, just in a smaller form.

Super small camera embedded in a thin layer of contact lenses. The camera on the contact lens taped to recognize objects and collect a variety of data from various objects.

The camera on this contact lens will move to follow what is perceived by the wearer. The images recorded by the camera on a successful contact lens is then transformed into data.
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The camera can detect light, color, patterns of color, face, motion, or a variety of similar data. Facial recognition technology of smart contact lenses can also display personal data such as profession and so on.

As reported by Softpedia, Tuesday (15/04/2014), the lens box camera is claimed by Google to help the blind to walk. All images captured by the contact lens is then converted into data that informed directly on the user. Data transfer on to a blind user is bridged by a smart phone.

However, the contact lens of Google's camera is not impossible misused for surveillance activities or spy. How not, one would never know that he is being recorded by other people who use contact lenses with cameras.


Senin, 14 April 2014

3D Print, Photo Print is not only limited to paper

 The development of technology has always been able to bring the latest innovations. One of them in the world of digital printing. As the name implies, aka 3-dimensional 3D, this printer can form solid objects or three-dimensional models that have the space (length, width, and height) by mixing certain ingredients and then print them into a desired object.

In contrast to conventional printers that use paper and ink as its main ingredient, 3D Print using a variety of materials as ingredients. The prototype was first invented in 1981 by Chuck Hull and in 1986 Chuck Hull of 3D Systems also obtain patents on its innovations such. Since its emergence in the 21st century, its development has skyrocketed, and also experienced a substantial price reduction. Did not rule out the 3D printer will be sold commercially to reach the lay public to participate using this printer.
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How it Works 3D Printer
As quoted from Wikipedia, in general how 3D printers work is divided into 3 phases. Of the model design, printing, and finishing.

1. Designs Model
3D digital data in the form of an initial component that is required before you print the object that you want. Design-based three-dimensional models can be generated by special software to draw the product / part of a software product is 3D auto CAD (Computer Aided Design) software 3D modeling or 3D animation software and also through 3D Scanner.

2. Printing
As explained earlier, the 3D printer is composed of molten plastic wax and various other materials and is usually in powder form. The components that will be processed by the printer after the design is created. After that, you can print it according to the design you have created.

His own printing process also takes a long time with spatial dimensions (length, width, and height) were varied.

Completion - improvements to be done at the end of the object to produce precise results like the addition of color or combination of colors.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Besides his prices are still relatively expensive, weight 3D printers are still relatively heavy. Time was also printing takes a long time because the printing is very detailed and can reach up to the smallest size. Advantages, in addition to print a lot of models and applications in various fields, 3D printers can also print detail size to the size of micro and nano. Its application is quite useful in the field of medicine that is for a replica organs to assist physicians in performing surgery on patients.
The good development of technology can now be addressed wisely to bring the latest innovations for the creation and advancement of living standards of the more qualified. The above review shows that advances in technology can help people in many ways due to the careful and maximum utilization.

Of the nation can! Even more. Let's prove it! ;)


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Minggu, 13 April 2014

5 Car Container Trucks Hit, One Person Killed

A motorist was killed by a container truck hit a vehicle in the Bogor - Sukabumi derivative Road in Ranji , Gulf Pinang , Ciawi , Bogor .

Impactor vehicle is unmarked container truck B 9661 FW . Trucks allegedly suffered brake failure when driving on derivatives that crashed into 5 vehicles in front of him .

In the accident that occurred on Saturday ( 04/12/2014 ) yesterday around 21:00 pm , one person was killed namely Wai Werang ( 47 ) , residents of Jakarta , the driver of a Toyota Avanza ( B 1258 ) . Container truck driver fled and has not been caught .

Head of Traffic Police Assistant Commissioner Bogor Mochamman Chaniago as confirmed on Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) describes an accident allegedly caused by a truck brake tension .

From the results if the scene is known that container trucks drove from Ciawi towards Sukabumi . In Ranji derivatives , allegedly lost control of the truck due to tension . Truck rammed and run over by a car driven Wai .

" Then the truck struck four other vehicles in front of him , " said Chaniago . Four vehicles that are tank trucks , Toyota Avanza , Daihatsu Grandmax , and the Toyota Innova .

After that , the truck stopped on the shoulder of the road , the driver got out and fled . Motorists and residents are not able to find and arrest the unidentified driver was .

Wai was killed by state wedged in the wrecked vehicle . At least four other riders were injured . Wai corpses and injured were taken to hospitals Ciawi . Six vehicles were involved in the collision was drawn and taken to the Bogor Police Accident Unit Traffic Unit at Toll Gate Ciawi as evidence investigation .
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The derivative Ranji along 1 kilometer and a bit steep in the form of derivatives berkemiringan 20-30 degrees . Conditions that result in an instance before this Cimande bridge accident prone .